Being career-loving Mom

I refer “track” here as personal development track.

” Since I have kids already, I decided not to look for promotions in my career.” One of the classmate in my summer study in Aalto school of business told us in the class. The question our Professor asked was ” Do you think you are the talents companies looking for? Are you eager to lead?”

I started to think since then why? Why women become not ambitious after having children? I never feel this way myself. The reason is very simple: As parents, we are the role models for our kids. Thinking from my kids’ shoes, I certainly do not want them to give up their own personal development in the future after having children. On the contrary, I want them always to have their “own” life so that their families will be also happier. For sure, I do not want girls think it is mom’s job to stay at home taking care of children. And I do not want boys think it is women’s job to clean dishes. Because it is not fair. Do you want to hire someone who is not ambitious? At least I will not. Because no matter what positions you are, ambition means eagerness to do the best and achieve more. Ambition is the prerequisite to succeed in any job positions.

Thanks to the fact that I am in Finland where women seldom stay at home after becoming mothers. Finnish women are truly inspiring. It already dated back to the war time in Finland, when women had to take care of children and their family business (normally farming) at the same time while their husbands were fighting in the war. Finnish women did not give their seats back after the war. In deed,  they were “empowered” and strived to fly higher. They showed men that I can do the same as you, or even better!

I believed women and men are equal since I was a kid. As a matter of fact in modern China, except for top leadership roles, women and men are fairly equal-we are driving military airplanes, we are diving in the water, we are even in space- China even has women military troops, whereas in relatively “feminism” Finland, it is still rare for women to join military training.

I will continue learning and seeking for career development, never give up. I believe the sunshine will kiss my face one day. All I need to do is to keep hard working, well prepared and most importantly, be myself<3.

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