Living in the changing world

I have been dived into my thoughts recently, which might be resulted from the quiet and spacious lifestyle here in Finland.

” I fully respect my country, but I would like to live in Spain because there are so much arts, opportunities etc. going on.” I recently talked to one of my Finnish colleague, who lives in a very artistic lifestyle. She is so happy, cheerful and radiating positive energy to the environment around her. You can see from her eyes such “light” from passion and love in the heart.

We draw the same conclusion: The most important thing in life is to live into the life theme of one’s own. There only you know what the most important is, what brings you joy and what makes you feel fulfilled – to fully grow in your own speed and in your own time zone. That is why it is almost impossible to fully understand one person, even though they might be your closest loved ones, because we inevitably see the world from different dimensions derived from miscellaneous social, culture and personal backgrounds. Or rather, only you know, what is truly in your heart, no one else.

That is how beautiful life is and how complicated it can be – the diversity. Yet not all of us learned to embrace the diversity, it is where conflicts happen. We tend to involve people who are similar to us in order to stay in our own comfort zone for safety, and to exclude people who are different to us to reassure the self vision of personal identity and existence. Such conflicts exist everywhere, from small scale in one’s family where the in law’s might not be happy for the new arrival, from bigger scale between countries witnessed by the evolution and development in human history.

Such conflicts are resulted from our brain, who try to protect us from differentiation thus bring us sense of safety. As one coin two sides, it also brings us to a quite dangerous zone oriented from the paradigm of thoughts that limits our growth.

As human, in order to achieve happiness, we need to train our brain. It is going to be an on-going fights between the dark side and bright side of our human nature. And the tool to train our brain is as simple as this: Learn to listen deeply to one’s inner voice and listen to others, with open mind, open heart and open will.

Picture from Presensing Institute.

That is why I so much admire the discovery of theory U by professor Otto Scharmer, because 3 years after graduating from Theory U course, life has proven to me again and again how powerful Theory U is. Thus,  I believe Theory U will be the milestone and ideology base to bring our human development to the next level-Economic phase 4.0-awareness based collective action.

I live in a world with true diversity.

Moved from one of the fastest growing economy to a stabilized economy, from an ever-changing city to a place with ultimate tranquility, from hearing the noise of cars to birds’ singing or nothing in the early mornings, In my early 20s, I backpacked travelling alone to see the immensity of my own country and be amazed by her beauty and the well built fundamental infrastructures across over. During the trip, I talked to farmers, business entrepreneurs, students, lawyers, teachers, chef, doctor, politicians and researchers. Also in my early 20s,  I got the opportunity to study with students from 10 different countries in Finland and learned the diversity of culture. More over, I am a goal-oriented doer, a thinker, wife, a caring and loving mother and a trustworthy friend…

I feel really grateful that I am able to experiences life from different perspectives. And life has been all the time teaching me to see things from different angles, to think from the other’s shoes and to embrace and love unconditionally. Such leaning also make me hold my judgement in moments of misunderstandings and think what might be the true reasons under phenomenons.

To embrace the diversities and accept what life gives is not very easy, as I mentioned in the previous article, but it is definitely going to be a rewarding journey. Indeed, when looking at the earth from the space, there is no national boundaries and we are all, together!

Looking at the tree leaves hanging on the the branches who are about to fly down to the ground, I suddenly realize, that the meaning of life is just life itself, to be and to exist.

If you are in the peak moments in life, please respect and care others. If you are in the gloomy moment in life, please respect yourself and jump out of the box to see the whole view.

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