Midsummer Day

Juhannus is Midsummer day in Finland, during which families will gather together, enjoy life ,drink achohol and barbeque, most probably in their summer cottages. 15% of Finnish families have their own summer cottages. Finland is the 5th largest country in Europe measured by its territory yet with population about 5.4 million. I imagined the percentage Finns own summer cottages would be higher.

It was quite relaxing sitting on a boat with loved ones enjoying views on a lake! But sadly, alcohol abuse is a big problem in this country. On average alcohol consumption per capital is around 12.5 liters per year(From 2008-2010). Each year there would be some really drunk people dive in the lakes and loose their lives.

Finnish summer is just purely beautiful! The sun only set for few hours which might be a payback for the dark and cold winter. In Juhannus, day is the longest and people will also make fire to the woods as part of the tradition. It is supposed to be a quite romantic day also because there is the saying that if girls running naked in Juhannus around the lake, they might see their future husband. Or they could pick up 7 different kinds of flowers and put them under pillow while sleep, the Mr. right will show up in dreams:)!

“I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,
Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,
Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine,
With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine.”
― William ShakespeareA Midsummer Night’s Dream


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