About me

I am a Chinese girl from Beijing living in Finland.Or rather, I am a Finland returnee, as I fell in love with the tranquility here when I was an exchange student studied in Helsinki. I found Finns were so comfortable to be with and it even surprised me back then that I missed the snow in Finland during my winter holiday trip to other countries in Europe.

My friends and family think that I do not behave “too Chinese” since I was small, even though my Chinese literature always ranked the highest throughout my school years. My friends and classmates outside China think I am ” European”. My husband think I am ” a Finnish born in China.” A bit “shocking” comment was from a cashier in the small town I live, she ( not Finnish) said to me ” Are you Finnish? You look the same!”  Well, I definitely don’t think so…!:) This identification “curiosity” has drawed my attention to think who I really am and what makes me different:

I am an open-minded Chinese girl growing up in an ever-changing international city, with a childhood full of joy and freedom surrounded by wonderful childhood buddies, who has Finnish SISU(Persistence and Resilience),always follow her heart and keep loyal to her dream.

I went for a psychological test for a job interview recently, which indicated that I am an extrovert, lively and social. I think that is just one part of me. I have the tranquility part deep inside me that sometimes I need quantitative and qualitative time to be alone with myself and learn from my experiences. I get along well with both introverts and extroverts.

As said by Laozi 上善若水 , The supreme goodness is like water, which is my optimal goal of life.

To record the moments of tranquility and beauty in Finland, with Love.

Hyvinkää Finland, 2015

The supreme goodness is like water

It benefits all things without contention.

In dwelling, it stays grounded.

In being, it flows to depths.

In expression, it is honest.

In confrontation, it stays gentle.

In governance, it does not control.

In action, it aligns to timing.

It is content with its nature,

and therefore cannot be faulted.

— Tao Te Ching

One reply to “About me

  1. I like your site and your description of Finland and its friendly people !You are such a nice soul following your heart and pursuing your dreams! Keep up the good work!All the best !😊


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