The society ruled by laws

Finland has strict rules and laws. I believe the majority will agree. But is the society managed by strict rules and laws harmonious?

Rules and laws are part of the foundation of harmonious society, which should empower people. It is also a matter of how sufficient the rules are and how flexible people working for the rules (system) are.

“If law says, then it is the right way”. One of my friends told me last year. I believe many Finns think the same, because they are taught to adopt to the system since they were small, thus they are not able to reflect the system.Laws say the least right way, but there can be better ways above laws leading by ethics.

Why Finland has so many alcoholics? Why Finns do not show feelings on their face?

These are the questions most of the foreigners will ask when they come here. I even noticed I had what Chinese call as ” dead fish face” back to 2 years ago- I think I am happy but my face shows in the mirror I am bored/sad?

I think most of the social problems or the feelingless faces are resulted from the system: A system trying to take care of everything , made by people but not flexible to change. What I have heard the most is that because the system is “taking care” of people, there is no need for others to help. So I think the system on the other hand cultivates (extreme) individualism. Remember that Finland was not such an individualistic country back to 20 years ago.

No matter what, we human are social animals and I believe there is no perfect system that could take care of everyone involved nevertheless of the good intention to create such. It is always important to obey rules and laws, but never forget to handle the situation with not only “system” approach but more importantly human approach.

“Caring creates resilience”-Kelly Mcgonigal


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