In Love With Sports!

I almost write in the title” One can not live without sports”! Because the climate is so harsh, doing exercise is the best way to fight back against dark winter(about 24 hours sunlight in total in November), to show our human inner power and willingness to live.

Sounds so serious right? Of course doing sports is important anywhere we live which always symbolizes positivism and energy. However, it becomes extremely crucial here: after the first 7 years living in Finland, I at least felt my human bones “decay”, lack of strengths and easily felt tired. Before I came to Finland, people called me ” battery rabbit”, ” I like you, you are always smiling!” Santa Clause told me in 2010 in Finland pavilion, which was quite a pleasant memory for me. But in 2013, I started to have back pain and not to smile much as before-this way I think I become quite “Finnish” which I do not appreciate much. In Chinese philosophy, we say the looking is from the heart. Thus I always believe if people rarely smile, it means they are not happy.

I had been running with Yuxiang-my best friend in Beijing since we were kid. We ran almost every night in summer on the street. The feeling is still fresh every time I recall our time together. After running, we would enjoy a “bag” of milk ( sold in small bags that time) and midsummer wind at night. Sometimes we sat on the big stone in front Grandmother’s yard and counted stars in the sky. We did run in day time also. One time we jogged to see her cousin in the countryside , about 10 kilometers away. Never found any one else who enjoyed jogging that much together with me like her!

I found myself back after last summer: My physical condition becomes peak again and I am full of energy and love again! I believe sport is the attitude towards life. People who enjoy sports are really positive and tenacious! Especially Finnish nature gives me the precious opportunity to breath oxygen and feel the tranquillity to be with myself while jogging, even though every time I miss Yuxiang and wish she is here with me<3!

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