Pandemic time: Change, learn and grow-Reflection

Life itself is an independent random variable, the more we try to figure out how and why, the less we know. These are the words coming out of my mind- the more I learn, the less I know.

I’ve always thought I am a real lucky person-having families love me and accept the way I am, surrounded by great friends since Childhood so that the first time I felt lonely was until I was in middle school age, around 13 years’ old. Even till now living in a foreign country, I am still surrounded by love and care from friends and families. I know this is quite luxury. I feel most grateful for my parents for the freedom they empowered me since I was small. Especially I feel so grateful for my Mom, who always encourages me to do what I like and be brave.

However, adversities are real and make me grow as a person. The most challenging thing living abroad for me is to try not to influenced by assumptions and stereotype. I see people who are much braver than me that are able to keep focused and do the things they truly believe in regardless of any hurdles. I have a lot to learn from them. Indeed, human life is just around 100 years. It is just miserable to try to give answer to all the noises and satisfy other’s expectations in our own life journey. ” Focus is the key!” My mentor Pirkko told me in 2019. The critical question is: What do you truly want to do? Then figure out how to get there.

I still have approximately 30 years of working time. I think it is really important for me to do what I like and surround myself by the right people. The ones who truly care and love you will tell you the same thing. I see people on the earth as a whole regardless of nationalities. Right people for me means people who share the same value, being honest, open-minded, bold but also with sincere humbleness. Every time I feel like to close my heart, the warm memories always come to knock my head and remind me to look forward: the traditional Finnish bread made by a Finnish grandpa, the invitation to family dinner and wedding, the unconditional love from my Finnish friends, the hands offered in time when in need…so many more, in the past 11 years. ” Look forward”-the most powerful words I learned also from MIT ULab. If I could summarize the pandemic experience for me, it would be the time for change and learning: learning new skills, learning new ways of working, and learning about myself. I am also accelerating my Finnish skills and Swedish skills via online studies.

As economists see life as stochastic time series, I think these 11 years living in Finland is just a small chapter. No one is safer in the fast changing world, but all of us can choose to transform ourselves to a better future, by wisdom, courage and diligence.

Wish we all being loved, and most importantly love ourselves<3.

Books that inspire me during pandemic:

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