Conformity and leadership style in Finland

” However as a visitor, you are not aware of the rules and regulations, you just realise that everybody conforms.”( Deborah Swallow, 2011).

It is interesting to hear stories from Finns working for Swedish companies in Sweden the fact that for Finns once a decision has been made, they are really fast to obey, whereas their Swedish coworkers will disagree and discuss for a long time before reaching any agreement.

I think it has to contribute to the leadership style in Finland for the main reason. So what is the leadership style like in Finland. Well, it is combination of democracy and hierarchy. A Finnish schoolmate told us that Finns are taught leadership mostly in their compulsory military training.Most Finnish leaders want to be close to people as the war hero mentioned in one book about war time but face the paradox to remain control.

I am not surprised at all- Finland is a country full of combinations of contradictions.I think human behaviours are inevitably affected by climate no matter where you live. Days will get brighter in March and then comes the restless and exciting summer:)!Finnish summer is so great, but you have to adjust the sharp turning points in order to enjoy your life here because from November till early March it would be dark for nearly 4 month(Well many people say it is dark for half a year, but I don not believe it is true. The winter darkness indeed feels longer though). I think the key is to be active enough to commute between extreme PLUS to Extreme Minus in the axis.

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